Thursday, April 06, 2006

1. Adrian deals with the Devil

A poignant ride this, being the first after the loss of one of our founder members, Paul to pastures new (Hamilton, New Zealand). Determined not to let the TCA die we resolved to make a special effort to keep the faith, and commit our pursuits to a blog.

Al, Jon and 'new boy' Adrian parked up in the pub across the way from the National Trust car park (for fear of getting locked in, not saving the £1 donation to the NT I hasten to add!). Adrian turned up for his first ride with the TCA on his sheila's bike, having extended the seat post to accommodate a more gangly stature (Paul's SCOTT ruled out due to the lack of SPD shoes and my inability to change the pedals - they seem fused due to neglect by the previous owner!). Lights were fitted, although it was light when we left and we descended into the abyss on the Southern side of the 'bowl at 6.30ish... Weather was very fine, milder than previous weeks, although colder than average for the time of year, Adrian the first to brave shorts in 2006!

We knew we were missing someone as we weren't bored to tears by commentary when we reached the old house on the western edge of the 'bowl with the bits of flint in the mortar... Down the kick-start-esque drop to the river. I seem to have invented an equivalent of the 'railway embankment challenge' by getting the the top of the climb from the river without getting off the bike, Adrian at least has this to learn!

Paul will be pleased to hear that all the bar maids have been replaced by sweaty, bearded men in the Three Horseshoes, Thursley (SU902397) but the pint of 'fff' went down very well, pausing of course to toast absent members! Still light we took off back up the east side of the punch bowl (clockwise route), but found a right turn to descend into the centre of the bowl, past the YHA and up to find the trig point with fine views north over guildford, the capital obscured by the evening fog.

We were all rather frustrated that it stayed light for so long we still had no need for lights as we pulled back into the car park at 8pm.. . a few portions of spicy/cheesy chips) and a portion of cheesy garlic bread delivered to our table in error (Billy-Bob eat your heart out!) and a pint of 6X later and we decided to do the initial decent with lights to show our new recruit what it's all REALLY about... I think we have a convert!

Back in the cars at 9.30ish.
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At 11:46 am, May 03, 2006, Blogger Ad said...

Yep, Full on convert I am.


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