Monday, August 04, 2008

Bedtime Bimble

Jimmy was restless; it was that problematic grumpy hour before bed-time. His only outing of the day had been to Debenhams in Southsea on a clothes-shopping trip with Mum, with a quick stop for some groceries at Waitrose. Illness, injury, weather and teething has so far put pay to any trial of his new Co-Pilot 'Limo' bike seat but he needed some fresh air - tonight was the night!

Threatening clouds hung in the air as Al fitted the new seat to the somewhat sacreligious rack he had recently fitted to his trusty Giant Cold Rock specifically for this purpose. Mum prepared the passenger for his first cycling trip with jeans, a warm coat and shoes. His Met Elfo helmet was fastened as best it could be, still a fraction too small even on the smallest setting, under his chin before he was strapped into the seat.

Jimmy seems a little unsure of
this new mode of transportation

Soon the boys were off on their first foray - at least there was no screaming yet. Dad's riding style was a little more concilliatory than usual as he spotted cars that were likely to pull out with no warning. The pair headed north out of the village, towards the hallowed cricket ground where a spot-check was made. Everything seemed fine and the pair made off again rapidly to escape the attention of a wasp who seemed to have aken a liking to Jimmy's helmet.

On then following the road bound for Soberton and Droxford, cutting back towards the village by a quiet country lane, throught the church yard and picking up the main road throught he village, past the pub and home: And all with only the slightest bit on whinging on the final ascent into Hambledon.

The boys arrive home safely
after their short exploration

With that, in true TCA fashion, it was straight into the bath then supper (7oz of Aptimil 3) and off to bed. The bike seat was deemed a success.

Route Map (click to enlarge):

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At 11:46 pm, August 05, 2008, Blogger simon said...

thats great! How did you find the extra weight on the back of the bike?

When I first used one, I found the sensation quite strange for a few klms.

At 8:01 am, August 06, 2008, Blogger TCA said...

Jimmy only weighs about 9kg so I didn't really notice; certainly no different to carrying loaded panniers, and much, much less of a strange sensation than riding a tandem!


At 9:01 am, August 06, 2008, Blogger Maalie said...

Brilliant! Welcome to Jimmy into the TCA Community!

At 11:41 am, August 06, 2008, Blogger lorenzothellama said...

Can't wait until you start haring down muddy hills and through forrests with him!

I love the picture of you, Jimmy and Tee further back down the blog. Jimmy doesn't half look like your father with Tee's colouring!

At 9:36 pm, August 06, 2008, Anonymous spm said...

Start them young and what could go wrong - but still a bit young for the Boys Weekend

At 11:40 pm, August 06, 2008, Blogger simon said...

of course! I did not think that you have ridden the tandem and with panniers! :o)

I love the biking sandles!

At 8:33 am, August 07, 2008, Blogger TCA said...

Simon, Where would Tee put all her make-up if we didn't have panniers on the tandem?!

SPM, Hello! Reserve Jimmy a place on the Boys Weekend 2013.

At 2:18 pm, August 07, 2008, Blogger Merisi said...

There's one happy little fellow!
He looks so pleased. :-)

Thank you so much for solving the mystery about the different spellings of whisky! I had tried to solve the conundrum, to no avail, and then you finally explained to me which spelling applies to which bottle! I hope I remember this, next time I order Scottish Whisky Marmelade! :-))) Otherwise I'd have to make do with Bourbon! ;-)

At 10:20 am, January 14, 2016, Anonymous JASON said...

Family cycling sounds great on bikes. Also thank you for the great explanation for us beginer bikers.


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