Saturday, May 13, 2006

Billy-Bob moons for the TCA

A gathering of approx 2500 hard-core mountain bikers, one off road course through the mighty Giant Redwood Forests of Rotorua, thermal steamy mud tracks and most importantly of all night lights! A sight for sore eyes (quite literally).

It was the annual NZ 2006 Rotorua Moonride, an event tailored for the ethos of the TCA. Billybob managed to score a last minute ‘substitute’ ride with an eclectic bunch of forty-something misfits whom he had never met before but it did not mater for they all shared the love of the ride at night and what’s more they had food supplies and their own hand made aluminium tube night lights! Bring it on.

Warren (the quiet one), Big Keith and Mad Dog Dave welcomed the Bobster to the 12-hour tag race where they had to complete one 9km circuit of the thermal forest each before handing the timing transponder over to their team mate. Dave set the pace, the more experienced rider of the four with his gangly John type frame of pure muscle, came in at 32 minutes! Warren followed with a respectable 40 minutes then Big Brummy Keith with 57 minutes. Billybob with his first time on the circuit and on his virgin shiny steed set a respectable 47 minutes! Those years of weekly TCA training soon awakened Billy bob’s latent night vision that and spurred on by memories of Al shouting ‘Come on man – too many pies fat-boy’.

The first circuits in day light started at 10am. The pro riders were flooring it around in 22-25 minutes a lap in their $4000 plus full suspension mtn bikes and official sponsorships by various Kiwi nutrient bars. Many a time Billybob was passed by rider’s shouting ‘To your right mate’ the official race call to pass an ailing rider. The times got predictably slower as darkness fell except for Dave who appeared to have a Terminator like glow in his retina’s and clocked up a 27 minute final ride at around 9pm!! Keith a novice to night rides was presumed lost at one point around 8pm! He had been gone 1 hour 30mins! Billybob kept a respectable 57 minutes in the dark per lap powered on by Stef’s chilli cooked on a camping stove at the back of Dave’s Van! Stef performed at admirable team support role throughout the day by cooking food and walking 8km into town and back for a supply of soft baps and nacho’s (Countdown Value range)

Surprisingly no real injuries except Keith who sported a handsome 1 inch deep gash down his leg after falling off at night. The Red Cross tent patched him up mid race. Billybob was impressed with the home made head torch worn ala John boy stylie but missed the comfort of his reliable handlebar Vista Lights and remains to be convinced about the12 v car battery on his back! The race finished at 10pm! The winners were from Rotorua (no surprises there then – local home patch) who managed to clock 29 laps in 12hours. Billybob’s team managed a respectable 17 laps in the allotted 12hours. Team name was ‘Assorted Nuts’, ignore the official race score board as the transponder failed to work on several laps.

Alas no Billybob photo’s of this awesome event however the official photo of Billybob and team mates in action can be found by typing 728 in the team bib number on the official Moonride 2006 'photos' link here.
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At 1:00 pm, May 22, 2006, Blogger TCA 2006 said...

Top quality mate! Well done - the TCA is truely alive and well Down Under!

Would be great if one of the 'nuts' could get you a picture - email it to me and I'll update the posting.


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