Thursday, June 05, 2008

Boggy Bikers of Blackdown

It had been a few years since Billy-Bob had tackled his local jaunt, although Jon and the TCA boys had ventured to the Surrey Hills more recently. The ride started uncharacteristically late, due to Billybob's longer commute, combined with additional pre-ride faff and fettling of Billy-Bob's Kiwi steed with Jons night-lights.

The intrepid duo set off just after 7pm, fortunatly it was still light and was turning out to be a barmy summers evening. Billy-Bob set off uphill leaving Jon trailing behind, complaining about his slippery saddle. When he caught up they deliberated whether to take the road route to Blackdown or the infamous Black Death Alley; there was no question it was down the slippery alley which was as rutted and sandy as ever and back up the the grassy western slope climb to Blackdown and highest point in W.Sussex, Temple of the Winds.

Billy-Bob wipes Elodie's wet nappy
on Jons saddle just before the off.

Billybob tackles the steep
western approach to Blackdown

John, taking in the Sussex countryside

John attempts to beat his 2 second timer,
the impressive green blanket of the
Sussex Weald in the background

A toast to absent friends
The Duke of Cumberland

(Posted by: Paul [4/10 - must try harder, Ed.], Pictures by: Jon)

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