Monday, April 07, 2008

Three Planners Planning

'You can borrow my old stead' said Jon. 'Alright' said Billy-Bob, it will do the job... or so he thought. After a quick assessment of the mighty orange bike, a hydro spanner adjustment and prising the welded brake blocks from the muddy rims they were good to go. Matt aided the pre-ride adjustments by providing candle light from his lighter. John later revealed that he had not used or cleaned his bike for well over a year.

Which is brighter - the lights, or Jon's Bike?

The Chi bimble was a trusted soft ride yet a reliable jaunt to dust off work-stiff muscles. Jon was in confident mood and led off in a meaningful manner. The ride was set at a medium pace dictated by Jon, quick enough at least to prevent Matt stopping en route for a cheeky nicotine break. The evening route took in the trusty favorite watering holes of The Partridge and the Fox Goes Free, the latter was quite busy with hungry well-dressed punters. It was a still dark night only just deserved of thermal wear, Billy-Bob was glad he was wearing his shorts on this occasion.

A Toast to Absent Friends, The Partridge

The evening was pretty uneventful, blighted by only minor equipment failure on route to Chalton where Billy-Bob dislodged Jon's antique rear light fixture which spilled out over the road and narrowly avoided being crushed by an oncoming vehicle. The infamous climb up to the Goodwood trundle followed the second pub stop then it was a direct road ride back to Jon's. Unfortunately the return trip was conducted in complete darkness as all three intrepid biker's had complete light failure. Jon's nasty orange machine had its uses as it lit up the route home with its slightly suspect paint job!

Back at Chez Jon, Billy-Bob and Matt sat down and sank into his over-soft sofa in preparedness for a fine plate of slow cooked chili, followed by seconds (and for Matt, thirds). Billy-Bob complimented Jon on his new shiny bathroom fittings and ample supply of lavatory paper, this was followed by a brief discussion on Eco Towns. Alas there was no dessert to follow only a feast of bad television and Matt's even worse jokes. Notwithstanding the pud disappointment, all in all it was a fine evening's ride for the trio.

(Posted by: Billy-Bob; pictures by Jon)

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At 9:14 am, May 08, 2008, Anonymous Mrs BB said...

a nice bike ride followed by sparkling conversation, you boys certainly know how to live it up!

At 10:02 am, May 08, 2008, Blogger TCA said...

Eco towns?!

How the long winter evenings must fly!



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