Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Déjà Vu?

Having decided to take on the familiar 'Goodwood Circuit to the Fox at Chalton' route a minor disagreement ensued since John was sure that he had not done this route before, while Jon was equally convinced that he had [Records later confirmed that John had indeed ridden a similar route on June 7th 2007, Ed.]. The arguement was diffused over the now customary cups of tea and the pair set off towards the off-road bridleway known as Stocks Lane adjacent to the racing circuit. It was a challenge to avoid the ruts, mud and puddles normal at this time of year.

Both riders were looking forward to Chalkpit Lane and the steep ascent to the Trundle. It soon became evident that our fitness levels have suffered from the excesses and inactivity of winter. Normally we get to the half way point of this track where it levels out for a spin on our middle cogs, but this time we were struggling and had to revert to the granny gears rather sooner than we expected. Apparently John had had too many good business meals, especially curries in India, whereas Jon was still recuperation after his "Delhi Belly" problems. John managed to get to top first and we enjoyed some views with the lights of Chichester in the distance(below). Past the car park we decided to traverse the Trundle itself and then proceed downhill to the Goodwood horse racing course.

Past rides had been a bit of a calamity on the punctured tyres front - indeed, like a taboo, the word 'puncture' had not been raised that evening. Meeting two other mountain bikers on the downhill it was reassuring to see that we are are not alone in suffering from these afflictions. Ever the salesman John cunningly managed to sell one of his spare inner tubes for £3 to one of the bikers who had gone out without spares and expceted to travel back to Barnham.

After cutting the corner across the grounds by the main stand we cycled along the road parallel to one of the main stretches of the course and then down the Chalk Road track through Chalton Park. By now John was well in front on his new full suspension Scott but we both made it down fairly quickly to the Chalton and the regular stop at the Fox Goes Free. It was obviously a night for mountain bikers as we met two more riders inside and couple more on our way out after a pint. Thankfully we just escaped the band which were setting up as we enjoyed our beer.

A Toast to Absent Friends at The Fox Goes Free

As usual we warmed our cockles fairly quickly on the uphill part of road on Knights Hill before crossing the field to the top of Chalkpit Lane where we had been previously that evening. Again John sped swiftly down over the ruts and bumps to the bottom and onto the Royal Oak. Unfortunately a car had parked at the bottom of the steps so no special skills this week, and with time pressing we actually decided to ride straight back to mine for a hot chilli while watching Torchwood (and the gorgeous Gwen) on John's old TV (which has now replaced the inferior Billy Bob TV).

(Posted by: Jon)

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At 4:18 pm, February 20, 2008, Blogger TCA said...

Shame on you John for fleecing a fellow rider in his time of need.

Good work!

Honest Al

At 4:54 pm, February 20, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish to add for the records that I actually offered the guy a inner tube FOC, but he insisted in giving me some money :-)
I also have to admit that I don't remember saying that we had not done the route before.
But there again if senility has set in early then I wont recall anything anyway, who is Jon!!!!!!

At 5:47 pm, February 20, 2008, Blogger Maalie said...

>while watching Torchwood (and the gorgeous Gwen

Mmmm! On again tonight!


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