Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Recovery Ride

Billy-Bob was still suffering fromt he ill-effects of the Chichester Challenge but was still keen to test his worn limbs. Al had no excused but fancied a more gentle outing after the rigours of another busy week at work.

The pair left hambledon to the north and bimbled towards their usual watering hole the White Lion. On the trip we discussed the ongoing Olympics and particularly the achievements of Nicole Cooke who won the women's road race earlier in the week. O considerably higher work-rate than this evening's for sure.

Nicole Cooke: Hard as Nails

We chatted with the familiar locals before retiring to the seats overlooking the village green. We then had a choice to make of which would be our second pub - after some deliberation we decided on the Horse & Jockey which provided the least strenuous approach. Having arrived at the 'Tack Room' bar the riders sank into a pair of armchairs to enjoy another leisurely pint. We watched the re-runs of the latest events in Beijing on the TV in the pub.

Billy-Bob: Soft as Putty

Back to Hambledon then for the only olympian feat of the evening - eating a mountain of home made cottage pie made by Tee.

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