Thursday, September 17, 2009

Darkness Returns

Jon was out feeling generally lethargic and Billy-Bob was suffering from a mystery respiratory problem. Meanwhile John H made every conceivable excuse to wriggle out of a ride. His main complaint was that he had done a tough training session the evening before. Al threw his toys out of the pram and John was soon back on-message, arriving at Al's about 6.30pm.

It was a perfect evening for riding - a still, clear, pleasantly cool evening - and the sun was setting as the pair left for a lap of the regular Hambledon route (albeit at a more gentle pace than usual on account of John's training schedule). Lights were soon employed - this would be the first ride of the season where lights were required virtually from the off.

The trail was in top nick after a sustained period of dry weather and the Boys were soon safely ensconced in the White Lion. A selection of four Bowman's Beers were available - John plumped for Eldorado while Al had a Swift One. Pints were consumed inside for the first time in many weeks on account of the chill in the air.

A Toast to Absent Friends
Indoors at The White Lion

A more sedate pace was adopted on the railway line but the Railway Embankment was soon reached. John resigned himself to walking up the incline as Al took on the challenge as usual. Across the road and up through the Forest of Bere as usual before the unpredictable descent. Tonight it was super-dry and the sand was treacherous. However, the path seemed less badly rutted than in previous weeks since the forestry works had taken their toll.

The pair headed inside again at the Traveler's Rest for pints of Bowman's Wallop's Wood. The pub seemed more quiet than usual and John and Al had the whole saloon bar to themselves.

Home then for dinner and John's complaints about the culinary efforts employed by Al who had picked up pizza from a petrol station on the way home from work. Al conceeded that it was poor form but was keen to point out that they weren't just any old pizza - these were a selection of Marks & Spencer pizza. Followed by Key Lime Pie; not one of John's favorites apparently.

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At 10:44 pm, September 23, 2009, Blogger simon said...

well, at least you are out and spinning the pedals! SAnd is a bummer. There are a lot of sand sections on the trails here and in the dry its awful, grabbing the front wheel for near offs!

At 8:30 am, September 25, 2009, Blogger Maalie said...

Nice. I had Key Lime pie in Key West in 2004.


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