Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer House Blues

It was alternate nights for the TCA squad this week with Jon accompanying BillyBob on a local ride to the HalfMoon in NorthChapel. It was a fair evening and both needed a bit of exercise what with BB deskbound all week and Jon still in training for his duathalon weekend. It was the usual slog up Black Dogs Copse where they met a slightly confused lady walking her dog who had just got off a flight from New York. The route then picked up the sandy trails into BlckDown proper then past the National Trust Car park and the rutted steep drop down into Jays Lane. Both decided quickly to pass on the Noah's Ark a former venue of old and head straight for the Half Moon. Rather than dodge the low ceiling the boys opted to sit outside and admire the impressively built childrens wooden playhouse in the beer garden.

BillyBob wished his house was big enough to accomodate such a structure while Jon wondered if it was watertight and good enough to sleep in if we had one too many ales (wishful thinking) After a pint of Hip Hop each the boys knew it was time to return the way they had come picking up the single track baked trails back up to Blackdown. Billybob showed Jon a new off road route down the side of Tennysons Lane which picked up a rather pictoresque trail that fed into Lythe Hill Country Club. Billybob pondered if they accepted muddy bikers in their 4 Star French Restuarant but then thought that they had better head back to Mrs B.B's for a home made spag bol which was bubbling away on the stove.

The route finshed with a more gentle climb up into Haslemere via Petworth Road and then a cheeky last stop in The White Horse for a pint of Doombar and bag of crisps before heading up the mighty steep Shephards Hill. This time B.B made it up in one and even managed to pip Jon home who took a wrong turn on the last leg. He picked up the leg and put it in his backpack for later.

Another good ride, a shorter than normal route this week but for a late 7pm start, not a bad workout.

Toast to Absent Friends
Halfmoon Inn, Northchapel

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