Sunday, May 24, 2009

Billy-Bob's Birthday Bash

Jon and Al met at Billy-Bob's gaff on the occasion of his birthday for a gentle ride to the pub. Kids and women-folk were packed off to Petworth Park and the trio set off for Temple of the Winds. It was a glorious sunny day and it was already warm despite the 10am start (a real challenge for Jon).

Jon and Paul...lost already!

We went up and over Blackdown starting with the ascent at Black Dog Copse,into Blackdown proper then down the usual route which was very dry. We caught our breath at the popular local view point before descending in the usual fashion. Taking in Jobsons Lane on route to the Lurgashall winery.

Temple of the Winds

A brief stop at the winery saw the three riders consume as many 'tasters' as they thought they could get away with. Impromptu Sunday morning snifters comprised such exotic beverages as rhubarb wine, giner wine and blueberryport [sic.]. Billy-Bob had much in common with the eccentric Califonian proprietor it seemed, but Jon and Al eventually coaxed him out of the shop and back onto his bike. Then it was on our way to Lodsworth via the traditional uphill ascent of Highstead Lane .

The novelty of a daytime ride.

Rather than turn off in a northerly direction into the Forest Commission woodland towards Henley we headed south accross the only wet bog on an otherwise balmy hot day and proceeded to ascend Bexley Hill with the unsightly mast atop. This was followed by a gradual down hill ascent through Bexley Common nearly toppling an unsespecting day walker at Hoe Hill before arriving at the Hollist Arms at 11:48, well before the agreed 12:30 rendavous deadline with the Petworth Party.

Anyone for a Snifter?

We sat in the rear beer garden soaking up the sunshine and repremanding Jon on his selfish birthday secracy. The peace and quiet was however soon eroded by the arrival of a mixed sex cycling group with all mannor of dress code and unsughtly lycra unsembles. The decision to hold off for the afternoon BBQ back at the Billybobs was one of attrition as the smell of various lunctime delights wafted over the beer garden making the wait for the Petworth party.

As the Petworth Picnic had obviously overrun there was time for a couple of beers before the women-folk, kids, Peter and Delphine arrived. The kids were happy to run around the beer garden, Jimmy undertaking a pioneering exploration of the dense vegetation on the Western fringes. Meanwhile there was business to be done. Al and Peter retired to the corner where a heated negotiation on the going rate for Morris Minor hire was undertaken. Discussions ended amicably and a deal was brockered, but not before Al had finished another beer.

Reunited in the beer garden.

Boys watered, kids worn out, Peter broken by Al's negotiation and the women-folk reminding Billy-Bob and Al exactly what the Brownie-Point score was, we headed back to Chateaux Billy-Bob for a BBQ.

Clan Billy-Bob

Billy-Bob ran around for a bit with burning pieces of newspaper and retired to the upper tier of the garden, the girls prepared salad, Al took a shower and Uncle Jon entertained the kids with his funny face(s) and apparent tolerance for being dowsed by Jimmy as Elodie slept.

Soaking your Uncle Jon is a
serious business!

The standard of cuisine was as high as one has come to expect from a TCA BBQ and a thoroughly pleasant afternoon was had by all. Happy Birthday Billy-Bob!

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At 7:43 am, May 29, 2009, Blogger simon said...

whats great is- you are setting a fine example to your young ones! well done guys!!

At 11:21 am, June 01, 2009, Blogger simon said...

BTW-facebook photo is Cumbria!


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