Thursday, January 08, 2009

Canal Basin Convalescence II

Keen to burn off the excesses of Christmas and New Year, but with John now striken with a dose of man flu, coupled with sub-zero temperatures, we revisited the gentle jaunt that has become known as the 'Chichester Canal Ride'. It was John's turn to make the excuses but unlike the previous outing he could at least demonstrate the gravity of his condition by proving he was on a course of antibiotics.

Both Jo(h)ns assembled at the Chichester HQ early and made light work of scoffing their pieces of millionaire's shortbread... they were in the process of dividing the third when Al caught them red handed, delayed on account of car trouble and baby duties. The customary cake ritual complete Al and the Joh(ns) ventured into the Siberian weather.

Once on the canal the boys had a clear run encountering just the one dodgy looking character with a can of Special Brew in one hand - Jon recognised him as one of the regulars in his local pub. Jon led the way setting the pace trying to not let the ill man John lag too much behind. There were a few compliants that Jon was slowing down too much trying to get a few more birds for his year list. Sightings tonight included two swans fighting but truth be told it was difficult to spot many birds given frozen nature of the water and the misty mirk.

It was sufficiently cold that the brackish water at the sluice lock gates next to the sea in Chichester Marina had frozen over! After safely negotiating the narrow footpath platform above the gates, overlooking the frozen depths we cyled though the woods and field to the Crab and Lobster (...actually it was the Crown & Anchor, Ed.) at Dell Quay. Much to Al and Jon's delight they still has Young's Winter Warmer on draft. This was sufficient a temptation to persuade Jon that his achohol abstinance since New Years Day should come to an end. John and Al turned the discussion to logistics regarding the Boys Weekend - amongst the conclusions eventually reached was that Jon and Billy-Bob's responsibilities may well be limited simply to tea making.

We rode back straight to Chi along East and West Street on account of Johns worsening condition, foregoing a further pub stop. The evening was finished off itnslightly bizarre style with with a slow cooked cheesy lasagne, a recipe gleened from Jon's new cook book - a christmas present from John.

A Toast to absent Friends
The Crown & Anchor

(Posted by: Jon)

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At 11:30 pm, January 21, 2009, Blogger simon said...

winter warmer? geez sounds good!!

At 6:14 am, February 15, 2009, Blogger simon said...

wots happening guys? whens the next ride? has the weather reduced you all to staying in doors?

It was 53c here (according to my temp gauge under the tree)

At 10:07 am, March 08, 2009, Blogger simon said...

well its March- I have ridden with a broken arm........and I still see no entry.. are you all going "soft" or what??

If I can ride with broken arm, etc surely you guys can hold your own??????


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