Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wrong John is Right!

After rushing home, Jon found both John and Al waiting in front of his house raring to go with expressions of where have you been and sternly looking at their watches. A quick cup of tea with cake was hastily consumed and bikes made ready quickly especially Jons. A discussion ensued to result in a slightly amended route heading in the direction of East Ashling but first road bilking through northern Chichester,  Summersdale and  then onto East Lavant. John being in critrical mood decided that he did not fancy the rutted road track around the Goodward Motor Racing Circuit. 
Feeling our way through traffic past the St Richards Hospital and then the University, we gladly got onto off road tracks around East Lavant and then onto Chalkpit Lane the slow sludge of a track upto the Trundle. By this time, the fitness of the Jo(h)ns gained from their Afan trip, the weekend before, was beginiing to show with poor Al propping up the rear and feeling a bit lost out, missing the Billy Bob. At the top we cycled fast with Jon in the lead across a bumpy field edge and then down a steep grassy downhill with Al now in the ascendency. At the bottom, we cycled across the Lavant Valley floor with some team work with front riders opening and closing gates ensuring no stoppage for us. Down Bidderton Lane, we briefly went wrong but soon got back on track, down the previously named rat alley. It should be renamed Partridge (Red-Legged no Greys I am afraid) alley on account of these birds sheltering in the the deep ruts of the track. Several were almost run over which would no doubt have been added to dinner pot. 
Up along the bottom of Kingley Vale, the Jo(h)ns were way ahead of Al save for a brief period when John had a girly off caused by a rut and Al was begining to complain about feeling a bit socially excluded. The Jo(h)ns agreed to slow down but with a pub now beckoning, more urgent matters soon needed to be addressed. At the kingley Vale carpark entrance at West Stoke, there were two options turn left or right. Unfortunately Jon had forgotten his map to work out which way. These life and death situations are where you really need a map. John rather hastilly decided that it was left which left Al and Jon no choice but to say right because John is always wrong. However it soon became apparent that right was wrong after asking a couple of bikers coming the other way. So we got to the pub, the Horse and Groom, enjoying a couple of splendid pints but had to keep reminding John that he was right in deciding left but wrong in expressing a view forcing Al and Jon to say left and therefore wrong overall. 
After a quick road cyle back, Jons hospitality was extended to a hot chilli and noddles watching a repeat of the Real Hustle.  

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