Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spivs from Croydon

After Tea and Tiffin, the jo(h)ns got going on a sunny evening up round our usual route around Goodwood racing circuit towards East Lavant. Here John was suitably impressed that I had recently discovered a quiet shortcut through the village straight to the bottom of the Trundle, Chalkpit Lane. This avoids a slightly uncomfortable T junction in the village where we usually have to stop for traffic. This discovery had taken 4 years but better late than never I suppose.

With the setting sun, the struggle up towards the Trundle was bearable so much so that we stopped for a "Stanley Kubrik" quality photo - well maybe. At the top we admired the view across Chichester and its environs in the twilight. After negotiating the usual dilapidated gate to the east of the Trundle Mound, we embarked on the first downhill with John leading first and the usual slamming of brakes at the bottom to avoid the big oak tree. Around the Goodward horse circuit, we cycled down Chalton Road down through Charlton Park at speed and then to the Flying Fox at Chalton. Taking advantage of the light outside we sat drank outside on the timber benchs drinking to absent friends.

Riding up Knights Hill we encountered two shifty looking croydonite city types in a sporty BMW who wanted detailed directions to Fontwell racecourse and yet had a sat nav. Jon had to explain that they were no where near this racecourse, we were near Goodward racecourse and we not near Barnham where they also wanted to go. At this point John had sensibly decided to ride ahead. After the giving out of some detailed instructions, turn left and head for the sea, they then offered to give Jon and bike a lift a tow. Sensibly it was declined. With a burst of speed and wheel spinning they left Jon in their wake. Now it is one thing to get lost using basic maps as the TCA do but with a sat nav. These people are the so-called "masters of the universe".

After a brief chat with John on what he had missed, both Jo(h)ns rode home down the Chalkpit Lane and through Summersdale past the swollen Lavant and home for a hot chilli.

(Posted by: Jon)

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At 6:46 am, October 07, 2008, Blogger simon said...

the hot chilli looks GREAT!!!

I have not been riding for a few months which is sad....


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