Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Wrong Trousers

After the mix-up of the previous week Jon was keen to make amends; he raced back from Brighton to ensure attendance on the ride from his house and hopefully restored diplomatic ties with the TCA. Jon wasy soon to be joined by John and they made ready enjoying a cup of tea and some special guest swiss chocolate biscuits. (Actually they were brought a few years ago for people at work but never got there). They were still very palatable though and there were only a few crumbs left when Al arrived uncharacterisitically late.

As the traditional cups of tea were consumed there was some debate as to the appropriate apparel for the ride. Is was a cold evening and the threat of rain was looming. Jon was keen to try his new waterproof over-trousers out but was soon on the wrong end of an ear-bashing from John. Al had packed his over-trousers too and there was much offing-and-oning of strides as he listened to the other two's argument; eventually he felt that John might fr once be right and opted to leave the trousers behind.

Al soon made up for his late arrival eading from the front through Chichester up to East Lavant and past the ford. Starting up the Trundle up using Chalkpit Lane Al conceeded, making his customary comment to Jon that he would once again see him at the top. That gym spinning class seemed to have done something for Jon's fitness as he once again struck out for the summit. Al was not far behind but Johns abuse of business lunches of late, coupled with his lack of activity had obviously saddled him. After a breather for John, we carried on around the Trundle and down our first descent to the Goodward Horse track. We encountered a few droopy branches and a skiddy slippery surface under the bikes: Jon skidded off despite his brand new rear Maxxis Highroller tyre specifically designed for these conditions.

After a brief and fairly fast road section, we got to bridleway at the top of Chalton Woods where we had to again wait for John. By now it was getting cold and wet and Jon was truly appreaciating his new Endura waterproof trousers. Conversely Al was not; complaining as he was that he should never have listened to 'Wrong John'. Again enjoying a rutted, slippery downhill section, Al and John got to the bottom fairly quickly with Jon a bit behind and complaining about his lights as usual. We arrived at the Fox Goes Free where we found that the only ale available was their own eponymous brand. However it went down well and we braved the wintry, rainy conditions to cycle up knights Hill in a stiff head-wind with Jon leading and Al conserving his energy by slipstreaming. Once again at the top of Chalkpit Lane and the Trundle we had a brief debate about a longer route but decided to descend the lane

By now Al (and John had he cared to admit it) was uncomfortably cold from the waist down as his trousers were saturated in freezing mud and water. We dropped the idea of a pint at The Royal Oak in favour of heading home for an early bath, where Al was once again reunited with his warm, dry waterproof trousers. Back at base we enjoyed a lamb stew with winter vegand sweet potato watching Portsmouth play AC Milan felling a little bit robbed at the end after a two goal lead was given away.

(Posted by: Jon)

Footnote: As they cycled in tandem fashion up Knight's Hill Jon and Al argued about when they had both last ridden up and down the trundle on the same ride. Al's assertion was that it had been about two years since they had visited the Fox', going up the Trundle on the way there, and down the Trundle on the way home. Jon felt is was much more recent: For the record it had been 18 months (June 2007) and Al trusts that this is a long enough period for Jon to let him off the 2 pints he is now technically owed.

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At 7:25 am, December 04, 2008, Blogger simon said...

"we dropped the idea of a pint...."

Yep. well thats sums it up I guess.

You have all gone soft.

What you need is a good quality Aussie MTN bike rider to show you how to drink an ale from a camel back......



At 4:41 pm, December 06, 2008, Blogger Maalie said...

You seem to be quite an argumentative bunch, don't you?


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