Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bike vs Dog

With Jons bike still being repaired, following equipment failure at Boys Weekend, the day glow orange Apollo of former days was been brought back into service. What ever it lacks in style and grace, Jon qickly found a new use for it in dealing with dogs.

The Joh(ns) had decided that we would go for an easy ride this night because it followed a late day for Jon at work following one of his interesting planning committees and the fact John was going up north to see some friends the following day. This always puts Jon in a funny mood and we had had a conversation about northerners and the fact allegedly they had funny skin due to lack of sun which had caused a lack of vitamin D. John was not convinced. However we got off before 7 and managed to speed through the railway crossing just in time to avoid delay and get onto the Chichester Canal path.

Jon soon felt like he was at spinning classes - the rapid motion of pedalling due to the lack of gears in the Apollo. He soon found his brakes were not up to much either frightening a few fisherman and jay walkers and this is where he found a good use for the his bike in bashing a dog. One fisherman's dog came running aggressively up to him expecting bike and him to stop but no the bike hit the dog front on. There was a thud and yelp and half hearted attempt by dog to bit one of Jon's feet off but no it was 1-0 to bike. Needless to say the dog owner was not very flattering about Jon's bike skills. This of course though allowed John to come through unmolested by dog.

With remarkably good progress we got through to Chichester Marina at Dell Quay and then to the [Black Horse? Ed.] pub at Apuldrum. The evening was particularly fine with great views of Chichester Cathedral and Fisbourne Channel.

The Boys debated which was the larger,
Chichester Cathedral's fine buttress...

...or John's rear end.

At the pub, we sat outside admiring the sunset with John complaining about how much drink costs abroad, in particular Guinness, while Jon just admired the view. Johns fitness and training was thoroughly evaluated during conversations.

The Happy Couple,
beers in hand as the sun sets.

We set tracks home and found ourselves back at Jon's for a chilli but no pudding watching Waterloo Road at 8.30 pm which must set a record for a TCA shortest ride.

Chichester Marina and Surrounds

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At 11:36 am, May 08, 2009, Blogger Maalie said...

It looks a lot warmer down there than it is up here in Cumbria!


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